24/7 Emergency Garage Door Repair

Some garage door problems are much more serious than others and may need to be fixed right away. If you find yourself unable to open the garage door to get your vehicle out, for example, or if the door refuses to close, you may require emergency garage door repairs.

Lifetime Garage Doors can provide the same-day garage door repairs you require across Toronto and in neighboring cities such as Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, and Hamilton. So, if you’re dealing with an urgent garage door issue, there’s no need to worry.

24 hours Emergency Service

Same-Day Garage Door Repair in Toronto

There are many different things that can go wrong with your garage door. Springs and cables can break, motors and openers can fail, sensors and remotes can stop working, and you could find yourself with a jammed, stuck, or unresponsive door.

This can be a serious problem, putting the safety of your home in jeopardy or creating a major inconvenience for you and your family. That’s why, when certain issues arise, you need to get emergency garage door repairs right away.

Here are just some situations in which 24/7 garage door repair in Ontario are required:

  • Garage Door Stuck Open – Your garage door is stuck open and will not close. This creates a huge, open entryway into your home, making it a prime target for thieves and criminals.
  • Garage Door Stuck Closed – Your garage door is firmly closed and won’t open at all, trapping your car on the inside and making the garage inaccessible from the outside.
  • Accidents – An accident has occurred, leaving the garage door seriously dented, broken, or misaligned.

In any of these situations, it’s vital to get your garage door fixed as soon as possible, and we’re here to help with that.

Why You Should Choose 

Lifetime Garage Doors for Urgent Garage Door Repairs

No matter what kind of garage door issue you’re dealing with, Lifetime Garage Doors
is the company to contact to get it fixed. We can visit your property any day of the week, all year long, offering the high levels of service and unparalleled garage door expertise you need to get your door back in working order. Here are just some benefits of working with us


Fast Responses

We’re ready to respond to emergency calls. If your garage door is stuck, broken, won’t open, or has some other urgent issue, we can get it fixed right away.


Extensive Experience

Lifetime Garage Doors has been in the business of fixing garage doors since 1990. We know the ins and outs of garage doors and have fixed countless doors over the years.

Professional Service

At Door Over Head, we pledge to always provide the finest levels of professional service for all of our clients, working hard to solve every issue on time and to the best of our abilities.

So, if you’re dealing with any kind of urgent garage door issue,

Call Lifetime Garage Doors today for 24/7 garage door repairs.