Garage Door Spring Repair

One of the most common kinds of garage door repair is garage door spring repair or replacement.

If you have any kind of problem with your garage door springs, we can provide the expert spring repair you need to get your door working once again

Garage door spring repair

All About Garage Door Springs

Springs are some of the most important components in your garage door system, helping to counterbalance the enormous weight of the door itself and allowing it to open and close with ease.

They’re designed to last for a certain number of “cycles”. Every time your garage door opens and closes, that counts as a single cycle. And the average garage door spring can last for thousands of cycles in total.

But they will eventually break. Sometimes, they can last for 10 years or more and gradually wear down over time, while other times, they might break or fail much sooner than expected due to heavy use or other issues, like rust.

Either way, when a garage door spring is broken, the best thing to do is contact professional garage door spring repair experts to get it fixed.

How to Spot a Broken Garage Door Spring

So, how do you know if your garage door spring has broken and requires repair? Well, there are a few key signs to watch out for:

  • The Door Won’t Open – If your door refuses to open, even though you can hear the motor running, it’s likely that the spring has broken.
  • Loud Sounds – If you hear a loud popping sound, almost like a firecracker, it’s likely that you just heard your garage door’s spring break.
  • Unreliable Door – Garage doors with broken springs can become quite unreliable, jerking suddenly as they open or slamming down hard as they close.

There are other warning signs to watch out for, too, such as the door looking crooked or visible gaps appearing between the rings in the spring itself.
Either way, spring issues can be a real problem and can turn your garage door into a safety hazard. When these issues appear, you need professional garage door spring repair right away.

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